Video Links

Locksmith Magic Trick for Customers

Key into quarter

Make a key disappear

Ghostly Bit/Barrel key & more 

Locksmith Tools
Friedman Follower
A new follower that combines a regular follower also made for easy loading an exploded cylinder and masterkeying
Lishi SC1 tool – Will open and decode Schlage SC1 keyways.
HPC Switch Blitz Highlights – this key machine is made to be a full code machine and duplicator all in one.

Electric pick using a toothbrush

Automotive Related
Auto key programmers’ comparison
GM ignition lock release tool
HPC Blitz Tibbe adapter – cut Tibbe keys for Jaquar and Ford with this adapter

Framon Push Keys – read what wafers are in a ford lock quickly and easily.

Funny Locksmith Videos
A Day In the Life of a Locksmith
Another Day in the Life of a Locksmith

Residential and Commercial

Pick proof a Kwikset lock

Monthly meeting regarding door closers


Dial opening group 2 safes

Opening sentry safe with a magnet

Bypass Techniques

Decoding a Kwikset Smartkey lock with Lishi



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