Automotive cheat sheet 2014-2024

Employment – these sites you can enter “Locksmith” and do searches for jobs in the area you specify


Bypass tools

New lock bypass tool 



The link is a software phone app that is FREE and can do logging and dispatching of locksmith jobs, invoices, credit card processing and a lot more. It is specific for the locksmith industry. The also have great support. The company is called JOBOX. Sign up at JOBOX SIGN-UP

Lock codes
Genericode- members get a FREE 4 month trial!!
Lock Codes Blackhawk
HPC Code Source

Instacode WH Software

Electronic Access

Elec Access Cheat Sheet – Used in the 11/15/23 zoom meeting on Intro to Electronic Access

Manufacturer Training Videos

Keyline Academy

Vin to Code
Discount Key Codes
Locksmith Key Codes
Auto code
NASTF National Automotive Service Task Force

Automotive Reference Guide/apps
AutoPro App download link (free auto reference guide)
ILCO auto truck guide look up

Automotive sidewinder bitting and specs

Facebook related groups

***** Underconstruction for links *****
locksmith society
locksmith nation
auto locksmith group
locksmith only
locksmiths all around the world
locksmith mall
locksmith jobs in the USA
locksmith network

Northwest Locksmith Association

Master Locksmith Association

xhorse official locksmith group
locksmith friends
locksmith community
California Institute of Locksmithing

General Locksmithing

Key blank cross reference
Friedman Folower – a standard, masterkey and easy load all in one

App Store Favorites

AutoproAPP – a free app from American Key Supply that provides information for automotive locksmiths. Key blank ID, working programmers, making the key, videos, etc

PadPal – Lets you scroll though picture of keypads for safes, locks and electronic access to be able to identify the manufacturer. It also provides basic instructions for programming.

Car and truck remotes – look up car keys and remotes for a given vehicle. (also available online)

A2Calc – easy IC core calculations for keying up locks.

RV Locks

RV- locks and kits RVLAM_CamLockMeasurement

RV – cam lock measurements


Auto opening authorization

Locksmith Laws 

Fire, Safey and Accessibility Laws

Manufacturer & Distributor Sites/catalogs/cross reference

Silca also cross references other brands


Silca again. Has a free access also for cross reference. Not sure why they have two products.

Tag 5  Industries Рsells tools and hardware 

RabbitSoft for Masterkey software and learning tools

Society of Professional Locksmiths

North Coast Keyless Remotes – keys and remotes for auto at a discount

I Dig Hardware is a website with fun, education, videos, Q & A and more