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Zoom meetings will be the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5pm pst (8pm est) with limited in-person attendance. NO NOVEMBER MEETING have a great Thanksgiving!

Past meetings included…

July 20 – Member Harvey Arkawy with RabbitSoft.us will talk about their masterkey programs and answer any questions regarding masterkeying. This guy knows it all! He has free updates, training and the best customer service.

August 17 – Member and guests will compete for who has the best “real” locksmith story or experience. Did you ever get a call to unlock a Chasity belt? were you unlocking a door when the FBI set it up as a sting to see if you would do it? Bring your best real life experience and win a prize!

September 21 – Lock bypass techniques. ever get frustrated with not being able to get a lock open quickly and professionally? We will cover how to open locks with some basic to advanced tools. Even high security locks may no longer be a challenge. This not just picking and bumping, but in some cases, a new approach that maybe you never learned or for some old timers something you may have forgotten. We will cover Medeco, Smartkey, commercial levers and much more! Guaranteed to learn something new or your money back (of course the seminar is FREE)!

October 19 – part 2 lock bypass techniques & online resources (paid and free). We will also be talking about looking for volunteers for our new board of directors starting in February 2023.

Locksmithing and the internet. We will show and discuss websites, online programs, apps and social media for the locksmith. This will include paid and free resources on the internet. Resources will be for automotive, IC cores, safes, basic locksmithing, electronic access and more from beginning to advanced.

You don’t need to be a member to attend the meeting. I look forward to meeting everyone.

For the zoom meeting you can register at the following link:
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Corey Friedman
Executive Director

Walther Ortega
General Manager