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June 19 meeting is basic masterkeying and using Faster Master software. Take all of the problems of doing a masterkey chart and keeping track of which keys goes to which doors. Class is given by Harvey Arkawy who is the owner of Rabitsoft.us the company that produces all the Faster Master products.

July 17 meeting is codes and laws regarding locksmithing. Make sure when you do work you do it legally and don’t open yourself up to lawsuits. Talk will be given by J. Corey Friedman who has been the expert witness in many court court cases and worked with the California Contractors State License Board for many years.

August 21 meeting is on Advertising vs Marketing. Do you know the difference? If not you may be losing a lot of potential business. Our speaker is Tom from A.C. Lock Service, Inc has been a locksmith since 1988 and can give great insight on the subject so don’t miss it!

Branson Missouri!

Starting in August we will offering educational courses of all types. This will be in addition to the Agoura Hills CA location. We are located in the downtown area on Main Street and its a great place to learn and enjoy this amazing town that is great fun for the whole family. Call 818-994-7425 for more info.

Zoom meetings will be the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 5pm pst (6pm MT, 7pm central and 8pm eastern) with limited in-person attendance.


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Corey Friedman, Executive Director

Walther Ortega, General Manager

Luis Flores, Technical Director