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    Harvey Arkawy

    Many years ago, my lockshop was located in a small corner strip-mall.
    One of the homes behind the strip-mall had a few farm animals; some sheep, a few ducks, a few chickens and a bull.

    One of the other businesses was a bar that stayed open until 2 in the morning.
    One morning, when I came in to work, I noticed that a portion of the block wall separating the strip-mall from the homes had been driven through at the home with the farm animals. I didn’t think much of it and went continued on to park my van at my shop.

    About two hours into the morning’s workload, the bull came walking through the parking lot with the rooster on it’s back. It was walking towards the major intersection and I was concerned that it would/could cause an accident.

    I called the police department and told them about the bull with the rooster on its back and asked them to send someone in hopes of capturing the animal before any injuries could occure.

    Two and a half hours later, a black and white pulled into the parking lot. I walked out of my shop and approached the car. The car stopped and I asked the driver if he was here to investigate the call that I had placed. He said that the call was never broadcast. Just then, a homeless man approached us and confirmed that the bull had crossed the intersection and was heading South along the wash.

    They left in persuit.

    It took about five weeks and it hit me like a brick. I realized that the call was never broadcast because they thought my call was a “cock and bull” story.

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